25 May 2008

In A Word

"Hillary's reference may have been veiled, but her ambition is now naked" - stephenhsmith 25may2008

"soundbite" politics has been around for far too long. with the advent of cable tv 'shout' shows then the internet, complete with youtube, blogs, and streaming video conferencing, the "soundbite" phenomenon can now sometimes be reduced to a single word.

"macaca" was a most revealing example of the dark side of Felix Allen

"bitter" showed a side of Barack Obama that was previously unknown and unsuspected.

"sniper-fire" and "assassination" indicate, in their most kind interpretations, a level of ambition and contempt for the intelligence level of the addressed electorate and the media, that is disqualifyingly unhealthy in Mrs. Clinton.
(especially when repeated as they were, or combined)

which begs the question, what has John McCain said that is similarly revealing?
i would suggest that his repeated conflations of Sunni, Shiite, Al Quaeda, and Iran, would qualify in the Freudian sense. and that is even more dangerous, irresponsible, and disturbing than Hillary's subconscious revelations.