28 May 2008

More than a Village

the statements/arguments/intimations made by the Clintons so far in 2008 with regard to Barack Obama (race, inexperience, electability, and "out-of-touchness" i.e. elitist/radical/weak) can equally support three ideas:

a. the Clintons have finally realized that they have lost this one and are now implementing a strategy to make Obama unelectable in the fall

b: the Clintons discerned months ago that this race would go to the convention and set about, "by any means necessary", to wrest the nomination away ala 'December 2000'

c: the Clintons are laying down the 'stabbed in the back' predicate for an "Independent-Democrat" run, ala Joseph Lieberman's 2006 Senate victory.

(hell, they could be doing all three at the same time and waiting for time and events to decide which is the most politically viable)

UPDATE: if the internet rumour-mill (Maureen Dowd) is even tangentially accurate... then

d. the Clintons realized, beginning with Super Tuesday, that the VP slot was the most achievable within reason, and upon encountering rebuff after rebuff from the Obama(s), (up to and including a 'reported' firm "NO" to Bill's "offer" last week) now find themselves having pursued a failed strategy of trying to make just enough trouble (while always hoping for that gaffe/story/vote/gamechanger that never came) to convince Obama of the necessity/pragmatism of offering (accepting?) Hillary on the Ticket.

30 years+ of observing the Clintons, up close and from afar, has taught me to believe and expect the worst of/from them, but i also believe that:

1. the Clintons truly believe that Hillary is the ONLY person who should ever even be considered to be the next President of the United States. (and that's not just "entitlement", though it certainly is that also, but they also simply feel that they are smarter, stronger, and tougher than anyone else)

2. the Clintons (along with many others, probably millions) truly believe that the current culture and political climate of the United States has not yet evolved to the point where it is possible for a minority (of any kind, no matter how talented or novel) to be elected President of the United States.

It is going to take a helluva lot more than a village to prove to the Clintons, that:

a. they're WRONG
b. the times have changed more than enough to elect a minority President
c. they're not THAT smart (or strong, or tough)

stephenhsmith 28may2008