09 June 2008

The Battle of #2

and so it begins... the semi-behind-the-scenes (in the internet age is anything ever secret?) ... PR "dance" to determine if Hillary is #2

per TPM/HuffPo ...

Three Clinton negotiators -- all confidantes of the Senator and her husband -- have been dispatched to Chicago to spearhead this effort, a source told The Huffington Post. Bob Barnett, a powerhouse Washington lawyer, Cheryl Mills, another lawyer, and Minyon Moore, a political consultant, were meeting today to discuss three key areas of negotiations: what role Hillary Clinton will play at the Democratic convention in August, the nature of her involvement in Obama's general election campaign, and the Obama campaign's plans to help alleviate her campaign debt, which is believed to be around $30 million.

and this ???

Obama Says He's Partnering With Elizabeth Edwards On Health Care
a curious timing/subject/assertion. "shot across the bow"?