11 June 2008

help or hurt ? ... the Battle of #2

per ABC News/Jake Tapper...
Receiving an award named after feminist icon Alice Paul yesterday, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric said, according to Media Bistro's Patrick Gavin that "however you feel about her politics, I feel that Sen. Clinton received some of the most unfair, hostile coverage I've ever seen" -- rooted in sexism, she charged, helping to lead to her defeat.

Katie Couric? ... wouldn't that be like Dick Cheney defending Spiro Agnew?
but it does keep the "Hillary/Victim" angle in the news, does it not?

on the other hand... Sally Quinn suggests Hillary should "Retreat"
At the beginning of this campaign the question was often asked, "Will the real Hillary Clinton stand up?" One minute she was strident, then shrill, then weeping, then gracious and calm. Finally she announced, “I have found my voice.” What an odd thing for a 60-year-old woman to say. It simply didn’t have the ring of truth. She continued to try on different personas from day to day, month to month. There was a striking lack of authenticity. This may in fact be the reason she lost. After more words have probably been written about her than any woman in the world, people still have no idea who she really is.
(if people "still have no idea who (Hillary) really is", either they haven't been paying attention all these years, or as Sally Quinn hints, 'tis because Hillary herself still doesn't know who in the hell she is.... or both? regardless, when the Grand Dame of Washington D.C. "society" speaks, the rest of Beltway "press-titutes" listen... and then talk about it amongst themselves)