13 June 2008

Not Fighting the LAST War... the Battle of #2

per TPM... Obama Taking Over DNC Partly To Avoid Kerry's Fate
A Democrat with knowledge of the Obama campaign's rapid takeover of the Democratic National Committee today points out to me that this is partly about ensuring that the Illinois Senator avoids the fate of John Kerry, whose 2004 presidential campaign was hampered by behind-the-scenes battles with the DNC.
You may recall that the DNC chair in 2004 was one Terry McAuliffe, and in his book, McAuliffe
wrote about the back-stage infighting between the DNC and Kerry camps. McAuliffe said that Kerry's aides had wanted to oust him; that relations were chilly throughout the campaign; and that the Kerry camp muzzled him when he wanted to assail George W. Bush's military record.

in the guise of the "50-State" strategy and cost efficiency, the Obama campaign boldly implements a "move" to diminish the power of "old hands" (ahem) at the top levels of the Democratic Party. Watch for how Rahm acts/reacts for more clues.