22 June 2008

Only HILLARY Can... the Battle of $$$'s 2

Due to the fine print of Campaign Finance laws, the $23Million raised by Hillary designated for use in the General Election can be used to offset her Primary campaign debts if she gets "permission" from the donors. These letters have already gone out, in addition to conference calls by Hillary this week asking her biggest donors to contribute money for Barack Obama's campaign while reminding them that she has debts of her own.

Which begs a question: Why Doesn't Hillary Pay Her Debts Herself ?

Due to more fine print in Campaign Finance laws, she is in a very unique position regarding campaign funding. Hillary can write checks for millions of dollars to pay her campaign debts, whereas everyone else is limited to $2300 (or $4600 with a "permission slip")

For Hillary to pay her own debts to vendors who supplied various amenities to her Primary campaign would make it possible for contributors who would like to assist her, to have thousands of dollars available to support other Democrat's campaigns for local, state, and Federal offices.

In such a unique legal position, a most magnanimous gesture on Hillary's part would go a long way to repairing any damage to her reputation from the Primary season and would cement her asserted desire to be publicly perceived as a "Unifier" in the Democratic Party.

Hillary is the one who put her campaign into such debt, and ironically, under the current laws, she is the only individual who can rescue herself from it. (while also freeing up millions of dollars for other Democrats)

Can anyone think of a more selfless, healing, pragmatic, and magnanimous gesture/action to facilitate and promote the values/success of the Democratic Party in 2008 ?

stephenhsmith 22Jun2008