09 August 2008

Yer Most Welcome Jake

the fact that my best friend introduced me to "Graveyard Jones" and that over 28 years i have come to trust him, as he has the best "ears" for music i've ever known, may have something to do with how i initially listened. and though i'll be damned if i can figure out just what it is overall that you're trying to say, how it makes me feel listening to you say it, more than makes up for my confusion. i've listened to the album all the way through many times. quite rare for me. so much so that now, each song seems to be more a movement in a symphony, or a chapter in a novel, than individual songs in and of themselves. and i can't possibly imagine any of them being in any other order, or being left out. 'tis plainly speaking "the best album i've ever heard". - muleboy303

thanks for the interesting comment/kind words. Much appreciated. - Jake