05 August 2008

FUCK YOU BILL (and Thank You too : )

FUCK YOU BILL: it's not all about YOU, and you totally blew the best chance you'll ever have to heal the wounds of the primaries and boost the electoral prospects of a Democrat for President who is arguably very much needed now, and who, ironically, is following in so many of your footsteps. (with exceptions : )

THANK YOU BILL: for further diminishing your reputation, your legacy, and your wife's lifetime ambition.
(even by accident. but then, you always know what you are doing, don't you?)

Kate Snow: "Is Obama qualified to be President?"

Bill (Imaginary) Clinton: "YES ! Barack Obama will make a wonderful President".

Muleboy: "Now why would it have been so fucking hard to say those few words
to the several million viewers of ABC News?"

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