23 September 2008

to write is to .... ???

21sept - moyers/kevin phillips wow... two old guys who have a lot to make up for ..and they're doing it. hurricanes/recessions occur naturally, so why is anyone surprised when they arrive ?

19sept. baseball,bball,fball.. altered/ruined 4more "juice" (excitement, scoring, etc.) + natdef, lawenforcement, courts, oversights, %schooling, %healthcare, etc. socialized : )

18sept. the ELF method (working very quietly) = anti-publicity

17sept. the First Question "how do you feel about being human"? + rules, hard rules, exceptions (balance of exceptions/rules)

15sept. no matter the outcome, if it's close.. America's in BIG trouble + impossible to imagine.. but... / and to those who understand only "force" (negating "talking")

13sept. the "tell" (iraq/maliki govt. surplus, then push to buy US built fighter planes = )

12sept. the "character" ledger ... and 62,040,610 votes

11sept. issues/personality = candy/vegetables Y issues
when bombs/shooting etc. is just "expedited, localized, extreme forms of 'sanctions'/condemnations ?

9sept.. bill/bern/wu risked as much or more as anyone who ever wore the uniform for similar reasons
8sept.. carseats, seatbelts,roevwade soveriegnty over your own body ?
6sept.. if bristol is not really pregnant, then there must be a miscarriage.. when?
5sept.. age,sex,race more in campaign 2008 than ever before.. lookout
4sept.. the last lesson parent teach child 'how to exit'
3sept.. p.a.t. driving lesson #1 patience, anticipation, telegraphing
29aug.. moral authority doesn't mean we're better 'n u, but we try harder to do better than you
28aug.. potato chips vs poetry (db gives me the bookend/hook..finally via BC speech puffery)
27aug.. in my life, only pres w/moral compass = carter (& O?) look what done 2em
26aug.. the US copy of Israel's 'samson option'
25aug.. can, should, shouldn't / US & individuals ???
23aug.. jeez louise versus robertson (preaching to choir's unintended consequences ?)
21aug.. the liberal equivalent of the 'war on terror'
20aug.. math/connections = quest for the obvious
addictions analogy corelary
18aug.."if they act stupid/surprised... they're probably not" hamas election/georgia/katrina? etc.
16aug.. energy/sense ratio reverses with age : )
14aug.. surgeon/pilot such incompetence ONCE = license revoked + in Geopolitics there are only two conditions (turmoil & stability) relatively
11aug.. the beginning of "deconsolidation" : )
10aug.. tiregauges/parishilton instead of budget deficits/broken army + gas prices shoot up til buying curtails, then float down til buying resumes b/c electronic tracking
6aug.. gmta update = why people like to have questions asked about them (opportunity to share/think alike/compare) + get paid to talk/write then get paid to shut up (ala Dan Yergin ?).. the BIPOLARIZATION of MEMORIES (intense laughter and crying easily remembered, media filter ?).. 1's and 0's from personal/other pov = curiously sexual connotations : ) ARCHIE CAMPBELL IS GOD
5aug... the most wonderful words i've ever heard "Daddy, tell me a story"
4aug.. the FED will DECIDE (%rate increases when ?)
caricatures (dems inaccurate/effective gop accurate/ineffective).. archie campbell school of politiconomics + president of the world ???
29july .. defining 'victory' in iraq (troops/bases/$$$/deaths)
27july.. the value/tradeoff polls within the moe
24july "the more one learns, the more embarrassing it becomes to be a human" shs + hate, loathing, disrespect=all crimes the state has no business trying to determine what combination of those factors induced someone to commit a crime, nor does the state have any business exacting different penalties for different assessments) shs.. they too said they were "Christians"... excused how ?? "the people in charge of the spotlight determine what gets seen" shs24july08
23july.. to a neocon, every new well drilled, govtcheck, ustroop deploy.etc. is a victory
22july rich/poor in ($, love, health, friends, talent, smarts...)
21july... electronic billboard, horserider/cellphoneFW :)
20july... tora bora/obl escape = fuckup? (not)
10july . a simple ?... why would it be so bad (1wk or 2 receipt after order?)...rufnkidnme ?.. "the bombing list"
9july.. how you spend (waste) your time is who you are
3july... "NEARER INTERACTIVE" (the NET & the Obama Administration)
3july... CUA-BONO (not cui) cua=Commerce Uber Alles
30june... "is the US at war?" (cic powers, vote projector, worth it tangents also)... good govt is boring
29june... daa=immediate response shs - delayed
28june .. TONE GODDAMMIT...
27june .. 3000 fixes 'what's one more'? .. with hor/sen majorities.. internet/obamacampaignlessons4governing ?... Kos & Effect ??? (the humourless and hypersensitive, downsides of)
24june... teaching 'critical thinking' via humour & questions (socrates wouldabeen so proud)
22jun08 shs...the TRIANGLE = Fucking, Killing, Ruling
is BHO a "pig" ala Carter? ... (pipeline analogy)
Wpolls Iraqpolls, econ, $$raising = DEM WIN ...
the 4 viruses isolationism, gold, anti-militarism, successful socialist state in sAmericaTANK ..OBAMA AEROPLANE WWI analogy escalating linear progression of imperial/unitary potus power hst/lbj 2 today then ??? afghan/wazir are already what US/Neocons argue Iraq would be if US forces pulled out. : ) diamonds (mining ton for .5 ounce) ..a chameleon's only shows his true colours in the dark (be himself)..
killing fairytales..video games = no message/time waster .. moral authority = greatest weapon ...bottom up/top down/internet 2 campaign organize & govern (ala Reagan 'going over their (wash d.c.'ers) heads to speak directly to the american people... ) ....the hollow echo of the victory culture (american exceptionalism meets reality) IS IT TIME YET? FOR 'equality under the law' ?... 1. full citizens 2. pre-full citizens 3. non-citizens ..no more male/female, black/white, etc. in US legal codes ?
3 measures = 1.cynical 2. balanced 3. idealistic .....

the value of re-stating the OBVIOUS ...
policeman's greatest power is to NOT enforce a law=
reporter/newspaper/broadcaster's greatest power is to NOT report a story
MORE IS LESS (more govt = less freedom)
GMTA = THE ULTIMATE QUEST ??? holidays, music, movies, religion commercials etc.
"LIKE" is cinematic language ...OUT EMOTE CONTESTS..."family" 2000 years ago
BRIGHT LINES DISAPPEARING =/ democracy & capitalism require ethics to work properly
how u c others is grounded in how u c yourself
the indescribable beauty of the blank page
Electronic, Public, Interactive, RealTime, LTTE & Community Bulletins Page
writing yourself an absolution/indulgence check ?
make a friend of "ambiguity"
shs"the more a person realizes their own personal limitations in controlling their immediate enviroment, the more inclined they become to belong to a larger group than can control others" (biz,church,team,country etc.)
(SHut Ins Typing Anonymously) ... "there is a lot of valuable news and persuasive opinion to be found on the Internet. but you'll have to wade through a ton of SHITA to find it" shs 22july2008
goddamn pride is expensive... wars and football stadiums = (priorities)
where have ya gone Mikhail Gorbachev = USAR (Union of Sovereign American Republics)
our nation turns its lonely eyes to you
list (by POTUS) each dimunition/deviation from the USC of 1889
shs "for over 30 years i've successfully avoided ....... for the same reason i've not tried Heroin. i was afraid i would enjoy it so much that i could not stop once i started" ....also 'bubbles within bubbles' = bubble-popper = pointing out the obvious/which has much more value in an information overload environs.
groucho / moynihan (facts) trumped by BOR/FOX and Internet forums (cliques)
cannot take compliments (why?) and 22Dec1973 ???
1HAND2THEOTHER LIST hst, hitler, churchill, ike, jfk, lbj, nixon, ford, carter, rr, 41, 42, 43, meyer lansky, otto kretschmer, f1's/indy (enzo ferrari, ferdinand porsche , h'wood, music, ????
"everything you do is a trade, which is why forethought and balance are so very important"
seeing yourself in a song is scarier than a car wreck shs 11july 08
"THE BOMBING REPORT" listing who blew up whom so track can be kept
"such things are not taught in schools, "truth" and "logic" are janitor's tools"
"art & history are two different ways of describing the same thing. both seek to explain and/or illuminate what individuals and then society deems important enough to warrant the effort" shs 17july2007
"immoral equivalency" = w/torture etc. fdr/internments wilson/palmer anarchists us./indians/philipinos
9july08.. "it is no accident that the rottenest sob in the Bush Admin is a former top lawyer from the transportation industry" (addington-ata) .. erie canal, american system/clay/whigs/lincoln/railroads...require govt 'eminent domain' power to grow rapidly = foundation of modern national-socialism "american"-style (up to = all consolidation has negative consequences) shs
shs12july2008 "the first tool in any power struggle/question to be mastered, especially in Modern American culture, is 'emotional blackmail' "
1sentence lessons from History (by SHS) : )
books> moynihan venona quigley tragedy/hope yergin/theprize
schieffer/rather =some folks require reassurance routinely. a 'booster shot' in order to keep themselves motivated to produce. some don't. while others will run helter-skelter over any all boundaries until made to stop, requiring not a single reassurance of "you're doing fine, keep up the good work", but instead a constant watchful eye and recalibrations of limits and directions.
the '78 FISA law was bad too
the different kinds of "intelligence" (booksmart, bodysmart, peoplesmart)
also... "it's how i learn... argument" (sparked by applying objective terms onto subjective questions)