06 September 2008

Does She Know It's BULLSHIT ???

many times earlier this year, i got the distinct impression that Mike Huckabee prefers being a politician rather than a preacher. so much so, perhaps he was working toward it all along. he just had to start somewhere, and with limited choices, 'twas pulpit school for him. and having learned how to preach to choirs, when he went into politics, the constituency that launched and sustained him were the folks who felt persecuted by urbanity and modernity. the people who literally felt that if someone did not have unquestioning faith in and love for the rightness at all times of GOD, CHRIST, and the USA, well then, they should be shot, even if they're Americans. (ironic eh? moronic too. but goddamn do they vote)

but also, many times this year, it seemed that Mike Huckabee really knows that it's bullshit. (6000 year old planet, man made in God's image, Armegeddon a comin', rapture, etc.) but he also knows, that's where the votes are. (and the money, never forget the $$$)

the strangest thing so far about Governor Palin, besides the deja-vu of small-state peyton place-ishness, is that it seems that she really doesn't know it's bullshit.

perhaps if they ever allow her to be interviewed, the question will be answered?

shortly after the south carolina primary, when fred thompson's showing there effectively put john mccain on an uncontested path to the gop nomination, the speculation about who mccain might choose for vp began. it was a long list, fodder for the media mostly, but palin's name was on it. and for six long months the speculation swirled as mccain waited until the last minute to select her.

during that time, in july, palin fired public safety commissioner monegan. monegan asserts that he was fired because he would not fire an alaska state trooper who had been married to palin's sister and went through an ugly divorce a few years ago. the person palin chose to replace monegan had to step down after two weeks due to ethical lapses being revealed.

this episode, among others, indicates a stunning lack of political sense for a professional politician (though very reminiscent of the kinds of things that can go on in a small state where the spotlight doesn't ever shine)

just three weeks ago, palin attended her pentecostal church wherein the preacher asserted that the palestinians killing jews via terrorist attacks in israel was the "lord's judgement" upon the jews for not receiving christ. (this almost four months after Rev. Wright)

it has been reported that palin told/ordered some or all state agencies to cc: Todd Palin on state email communications.

if the reports of the tenets of assembly of god churchgoers are accurate, that a woman is supposed to be subservient to her husband at all times, that action would cross the boundaries from crony corruption over to religious faith tenets.

and then there's her children, and the episode/story surrounding her most recent birth (11hour trip from dallas tx to alaska, bypassing several of the best maternity hospitals in the united states, in order to give birth at her hometown hospital, long time doctor etc. after her water broke in dallas)

on top of which, her only public commentary on the war in Iraq, was at her church, where she declared that the US was doing the "Lord's work" there.

all of which combine to give me the impression that she really might believe the gospels literally, as i have not read of any countervailing actions or practices that would offset such a pre-enlightenment thinking. (not even a vacation to new york or san francisco to take in a play.. nothing)

how a professional politician could not understand how others who believe, feel, and vote differently than she does, would view such political actions and professions of faith, leads me to wonder: does she just not care? or does she really believe the bullshit?