22 September 2008

Hi Charlie Brown, wanna kick the football ???

"they" (WallSt/GOP) will jimmy down the markets as much and as long as it takes to make the Democrats in Congress cave in. and even during this game of the highest stakes 'chicken' in history, should "they" tire and acquiesce to a laundry list of DEM demands and pass the bill, W will simply 'signing statement' away the parts he doesn't like. this "deal" is IWR 2 (only instead of Iraq War Resolution it's the Inflation Whore Resolution) if the DEMS hesitate or attempt to 'christmas tree' the bill, the GOP will call them 'obstructionists' standing in the way of american's prosperity who don't really want "change" and are more concerned with winning an election from furthering discontent than they are about "solving" the economy's problems...etcetcetc...

i expect the "schedule" is for next week at the earliest, to build the 'DEMS/Obstructionist' narrative, and have the media wurlitzer in gear in case the debates go badly friday night and weekend polls start cascading away.

hi charlie brown, wanna kick the football ???