30 September 2008

random shots 30Sept08

IF there is such a "crisis", why has the US DOLLAR gained nearly 10% in value during the past ten weeks? (and is currently the same level against world currencies that it was a year ago?)

and WHY $700BILLION ? and WHY NOT a moratorium for a year on resets of ARMS? and why not hand Paulson a check for a couple hundred billion dollars, sans any "protections" language because W could 'signing-statement' it out anyway, with a sunset provision of 4-6 months ? let him start buying up the trash, see how well it works, and come back next year with a couple of months to deliberately develop a longer term solution ?

finally, amidst the turmoil of US and Israeli elections, with worldwide recession begun/impending, and the price of a barrel of OIL again below $100, would this not be an opportune time for Hezbollah to launch an attack ?