24 September 2008

what will the DOW do tomorrow ?

what can the DOW do tomorrow that would simultaneously pressure the Congress into passing the bailout deal, and make McCain's "campaign suspension" look more like a "decisive, mavericky, presidentially caring" move instead of a desperate ducking of debating a black man in Mississippi ?

simple. knock the DOW down about 500 points.

it doesn't have to stay there. the FED/PPT can pump it back up some late in the day. just the straight line down for an hour or so would be enough to set the media's narrative for the evening news and scare the shit out of the american people who assume that market actions actually reflect economic reality. what excuse will the DOW manipulators use? increased jobless claims report at 8:30am central time.

jobless claims report bad, new homes sales report worse, but no need for pressure as pelosi/reid are staying true to form and lining up like charlie brown for yet another try at the football. but, word of mccain's possible monkey-wrench could set the stage for today's prediction being only a day too soon. time will tell.