20 September 2008

who's pickin' the banjo here ? (straight talk)

the media covering the presidential campaigns hasn't noticed yet that the only candidate on the stump consistently saying anything that could be described as "straight talk" is the Democratic Party's nominee for Vice-President.

the "tell" ? ... every time they report something Joe Biden said as a "gaffe".

Barack's rhetoric seems almost paralyzed by conflicting/competing desires to appeal to his base and appeal to 'swingables'. (damn near impossible to do both at the same time, and it shows) whereas John & 'Moose-ilini' are perfectly content to say whatever their base wants to hear, no matter how it may change from day to day or however far from any rational reality it may be. (which is ironic considering that the DEM's base has grown since '04/06 while the GOP's has shrunk)