02 October 2008

33 days to go, 33 days ago

33 days to go until the vote totals start rolling in. that's a long, long time in politics. for just 33 days ago, millions of americans were getting their first glimpse of the Governor of Alaska. in the 33 days since, some have learned, while many others have come to suspect, that there is nothing there but a charming confidence that is pleasing to the eye, gleefully spouting platitudes and lies to cheering throngs desperate to avoid owning their failures.

americans will get another full dose of the sales job tonight, this time under fire in the VP debate. the 'morning in America' junkies will surely be pleased as Palin's insistent platitudes roll out by the dozens, the assertive assurances proving she is no 'shrinking violet' who cannot play with the big boys, and masking the fact that she is incapable of actual thinking. they will not care, quite the opposite actually, it will reinforce their bonding to "someone like me".

such is always the case with expert salesmen who must rely on selling themselves when their product is deficient and overpriced.

the "tells"? watch her interrupt and talk over, insistently, when others interject or dare to ask a follow up question (was she raised on McLaughlin Group?) and note the consistent lack of specificity as she paints a portrait of her accomplishments and her ticket's future proposals.

the "base" will love her for it. (and i mean 'base' in more than one definition)