13 October 2008

the muleboy bailout/rescue plan (not kidding either)

with pert near a trillion dollars pledged by various governments around the world over the weekend, the DOW is back up over 9000 (as of this writing), which means only 7 more days (7 more Trillion $ ?) like this one and the DOW will be back where it was... a year ago.

to speed up the "infusion of confidence" i hereby submit a simple plan: have Mr(s)Cheney and Bush, along with Mrs. Pelosi walk hand in hand out to the microphones/cameras on the White House lawn, and submit their resignations simultaneously. Justice Roberts then swears in Robert Byrd of W.Virginia as the 44th President of the United States.

(now really, who else has as much experience and talent at distributing hundreds of billions of dollars worth of taxpayer's money? plus, the Democratic members of the HoR had better replace Pelosi with someone younger and more effective (Rahm?) if they want to stay in power more than another two years. and while they're busy doing that the Senate needs to replace Reid with Feingold. hell, even Hillary would be an improvement)

plus... imagine how appropriately symbolic of the transformation of America, to have Byrd handover the Presidency in 99 days to Barack Obama?