21 November 2008

the all too common thread 'tween money and power in Washington D.C.

as one of a very small minority within the US population (a pagan), i cannot help but notice (and be envious and fearful of) a much common thread when it comes to money and power in Washington D.C.

the current Chairman of the Federal Reserve
(often referred to as “the most powerful man in the world)
the proposed Secretary of the US Treasury
the proposed White House Chief of Staff
the proposed Deputy-Secretary of the State Deparment*
the proposed (now withdrawn) Secretary of Commerce
the now (and future) Chairman of the Senate’s Homeland Security Committee
the projected future Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee
the newly elected Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee
the current US Attorney General
the current US Secretary of Homeland Security
and if the rumour of Jane Harman’s future as CIA Director also comes to fruition, what will this picture look like to US’ allies (and enemies) in the Middle East ?(not to mention the words “Clinton”, “Secretary of State” and “obliterate” in the same sentence)

i’m thinking now might be a good time to start learning to speak Chinese.