25 November 2008

first Franklin Delano, then Teddy

Obama's stated concept of a "jolt" to restart the economy reminds many of the situation FDR faced in 1933. it reminds me of the young man lighting a bbq grill, who after pouring lighter fluid on the charcoals and touching a match to it, witnesses a "whoof" that instantly flames out. then he proceeds to pour a massive amount of starter fluid on the coals and the next match results in an explosion that vaults him across the backyard. (and yes, i have done that)

the resulting fire, especially in the newly created enviroment of consolidated, semi-nationalized, banking and insurance industries, will eerily remind those who experienced it, of the late 1970's, in the form of double-digit inflation.

both the FED and the Obama Administration will have to work very hard and very fast to contain the fire. i can see where an administration that began by emulating Franklin Roosevelt would, within a few years, be confronted with a necessity to mimic Teddy Roosevelt, by TRUST-BUSTING.

for "TOO BIG TO FAIL" most certainly now equals 'too big to allow to continue in it's present form'. plus modern telecommunications technology has destroyed the consolidation/centralization argument for 'economies of scale' (are you listening FED GOV ?)