21 November 2008

I have "HOPE" again : )

can you say "lightning rod" and "genius" at the same time ?

if HRC becomes SoS, watch how quickly the press uncovers malfeasance, perhaps in relation to 'assisting' Mark Penn to recoup the $5 Million owed him by her campaign, via a foreign national or nation. or one or more of a certain cascade of self-dealing initiatives, abuses, improprieties.

when the **** hits the fan, the Clinton's will be finished forever with very little damage to Obama (he gave them/her a chance to "change" and they couldn't)

the decks cleared by 2010. on with "a new kind of politics"

p.s. does anyone really believe that appointing a woman who hasn't willingly followed an order given to her by a man since Kennedy (Eisenhower?) was President, to be the nation's top diplomat, is anything but a political move?