17 November 2008

One Adam Twelve (how's that for dating myself?)

how many police cars (not trucks just cars) does the US have on it's combined city/county/state leo forces ? avg cost per ? etc.

how ’bout Congress establish a fund (say $15 Billion over 5 years) to “match” (similar to Highway Trust Fund) the dollars any city, county, or state raises to purchase new police cars that are made in the US that are either hybrids or get 35 MPG (perhaps with an increasing minimum mpg over time?) so that the $25 Billion already allocated to retool the Big 3 would have a sort of ‘guaranteed’ future market for at least one particular line of vehicles ??? (perhaps extend the matching funds offer also to any bulk/fleet purchasers? cab companies, etc.)

with such a program the way would be greased for serving them with a ‘bridge’ loan to get to 2010 or 2011 (a kind of alternate/addendum to Neil Young’s proposal)some math... at $50,000 per car (high?) = 20 cars per $1million, 2000 per $100Million, 20,000 per $1Billion therefore... $15B + $15B(matching$) = $30Billion (divided by 5 years) = $6B per year = 60,000 units(cars) per year (with multiple side benefits. enviromental, economic, leo culture adaptations etc.)