30 November 2008

shock, rinse, repeat... 'til mission accomplished

floods, trainwrecks, landslides, stampedes, even bus accidents all too regularly claim scores, often hundreds, sometimes thousands of lives in India.

India landslides death toll 300

Train Wreck Death Toll At 106

2,000 feared dead in India flood

145 killed in India temple stampede

without being covered wall-to-wall by western media. even regional cyclones, earthquakes, and tsunamis whose death tolls are in the scores of thousands and do receive daily media coverage, are quickly forgotten after their political utility diminishes (see burma bashing, clinton/bush relief effort)

but if ten muslims decide to play "cowboy" and the ensuing coverage is non-stop, play by play, 24/7, and breathlessly includes the phrases "highly-coordinated", India's 9-11, "brink of war" etc.

culminating in public assertions by high-profile Indian politicians for their own version of the US' HOMELAND SECURITY DEPT.

methinks that is 'mission accomplished', for the western media (whose priorities are showing verily)