29 November 2008

sofa king embarassing

To: Mr. Ralph Nader

Please forgive me?

signed: muleboy303

thousands of hours of stressful emotional roller-coaster filled effort, hundreds of dollars contributed, hundreds of miles driven getting people to the polls to vote for him, and countless friendships forever destroyed by revealed prejudices and principles...

and now i am told to content myself with the fact that unitary, spendthrift, israeli-centric, theocratic, warmongering neocons (disguised as "conservatives") are to be replaced by pragmatic, unitary, spendthrift, israeli-centric, warmongering neocons (masquerading as "centrist liberals") ???

"disappointed" doesn't begin to cover it.
"fucking embarassing" is more like it.

please forgive me Ralph Nader. i fell for it. (never again)