25 November 2008

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versus muleboy303 from april/may 2007... Hillary Rodham Gorbachev
(ok, ok, so i mis-cast the lead : )


"Meet the new WASP, same as the old WASP" - shs Apr07

It is my belief that Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Richardson will be sworn in as P/VPOTUS on January 20, 2009. My preference would be for Ron Paul and/or Jim Webb, but Americans rarely listen to me, and besides it would take legions of like-minded bureaucrats to make any substantive difference in U.S. policy.

The "Powers that Be/Disciples of Rothchild and Rhodes" will continue to prevail in the highest levels of U.S. Government for at least another 4 years. (Although the idea of Hillary Rodham 'Gorbachev' presiding over the relatively bloodless dissolution of the United States as the 44th and last POTUS does appeal)

But with such a fantasy still remote (though tantalizingly seeming more possible everyday) it is time to turn toward more realistic expectations. To which I've composed a list of excesses/criminalities of the G.W.Bush Administration that I assert will NOT be remedied during the first two years of the Hillary Administration and a Democratic Party controlled HoR and Senate.

Patriot Act repeal
Military Commissions Act repeal
Dept of Homeland Security dismantled
FISA Court Authority restored
VA Healthcare fully funded
Electronic-Voting paper backup required
Congressional War Powers authority restored
Presidential Signing Statements eliminated by statute
Military Forces fully-equipped/trained restored
Elimination of "stop loss" orders
Restoration on NatlGuard deployment rules
Restoration of state Governor's control of NatlGuard
Restoration of U.S. legal fidelity to Geneva Accords
Restoration of Congressional oversight of Executive Branch
A "True" Balanced Budget
Iraq War brought into Budget
Limiting Presidential 'Executive Order' power by statute
Less than 80,000 U.S. troops deployed in Iraq

Which means that in the summer of 2010, as the American people face another round of Congressional elections, the issues before them will be almost exactly the same as they are today. Indeed I expect them to be worse, for any catastrophic events in the Economy, Foreign Relations, even Weather, will only serve to make the list more difficult to reverse, especially for a new POTUS who is a woman, who presumably will work to overcompensate for any suspicions of "weakness".

Add in the ever-possible event of another large-scale attack by Al Quaeda, which will become more probable as time passes, and especially if U.S. military units begin to be withdrawn from Afghanistan and Iraq, and the political calculus for a sea-change reversal of current U.S. policies becomes nearly impossible to imagine.

Thus, the only reason that could compel the complete withdrawal of American military forces from the Middle East in the next three years would be for a significant threat of civil-unrest and economic disruption within the U.S. (of a scale at least 10 times greater than that of 1968-1970 or 1930-1932)

It is going to be a "long war" indeed, unless the country folds/dissolves. (which may well have been the 'Powers/Rothchild's' plan all along)