03 December 2008

the cynic of arimethia awake again

extrapolate the "shock doctrine" to a 'worst-case scenario' (some might say 'logical conclusion') and what do you get ?

President Biden and then President Clinton

and that would suggest a few more questions. first and foremost, who would President Biden select for his VP ? answer: that depends on when he would become POTUS and what has transpired between now and then. a.k.a. "the conditioning". or to be more precise, it depends on the successes, failures, or scandals (and their coverage/narrative of the corporate media) of the presumptive next Secretary of State during the months or years of her tenure.

while observing the transition, one does begin to wonder just how many times P-E Obama has watched "The Godfather" and it's sequel.

"i'm surprised at you Tom, if there's anything that History has taught us..."

"make 'em an offer they can't refuse"

"my father taught me many lessons in this very room..."

it also makes one wonder whether P-E Obama, who is perceived to be very intelligent, is even smarter than anyone suspects? if he is, scandal and failure will consume Hillary's secretaryship within a year, with little "collateral damage" (if you'll pardon the expression) to the Obama Administration. (he gave her a chance and she blew it. he gets credit for magnaminity, she and Bill were just 'true to form')

and the 'worst-case scenario' ?

Biden becomes POTUS45 either before the presumptive SoS 'drama/narrative' has been established, or after enough time during which major advances in diplomatic relations have been achieved. (or at least 'reported' to have been achieved)

by 2012, age and health questions could be a large factor in deciding the top of the Democratic ticket, or not. could just as well run as is, in preparation/anticipation of a 10 year reign for POTUS 46.

time will tell

but i would like to add, that the degree to which such an outlandish idea sounds plausible is the same degree to which the american people no longer have a say in the formation and execution of public policy