17 December 2008

Hey Paul Greenberg, Project Much ?

"the mild persona he's now adopted on the op-ed page... is impressive mainly for its sheer chutzpah"

"But the greatest violence (Greenberg) has done, and continues to do, is to the language."

"(Greenberg) may be willing to twist the simple meaning of words, but he can't seem to admit their power, and take responsibility for the effect his own might have had on impressionable young minds."

"If he couldn't destroy American society in his youth, maybe he can undermine the next generation in his advancing years."

"His guiding philosophy isn't (conservative), it's hypocrisy"

"Now that I've written this column, I almost regret it. If I hadn't spotted his self-righteous little act in the (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) the other day, I might have spared both you, Gentle Reader, and me this brief review of his miserable career. The man isn't worth wasting good time and words on. But attention must be paid, a record kept. So some future innocent won't take his type seriously."

Psychological Projection

whilst you "rage against the dying of the light" Paul, say something redeeming. a 'mea culpa' a week for the next few years might cover it.