09 January 2009

bassackerds adg fos again

when the ADG lauds Hillary, Gates, and Geithner as good picks by Obama, and then criticizes Panetta... Leon should take that as a compliment. (methinks somebody besides Feinstein is pissed that Jane Harmon isn't going to head the CIA)
i don't know how well Panetta will perform, but picking someone not involved with 'slam dunk', extraordinary renditions, and 'enhanced interrogations' is a good start. beside the fact that as WH CoS he probably has heard as many Presidential Daily Briefings as ADG favorites (and listened to more) Panetta is a seasoned pol who has actually won elections which develops a keen sense of appreciation for public perceptions of policies. plus he is old and likely not to have future elective office ambitions which gives him a license to do right. and a lot of right needs doing to even partially correct the wrongs of the current Administration's "War on Terror" policies re: CIA

as if the ADG's myopia were not bad enough, they are now fully engaged in the 'GEORGE W. BUSH LEGACY RESCUE PLAN' by laying the groundwork for a million "I TOLD YOU SO's" when another terrorist attack finally comes, even if only on the scale of a London, Madrid, or Mumbai (they've stopped calling it Bombay?), by repeating the September 11 mantra over and over and over again.

free advice: when the check from AIPAC clears, don't sign it over to Bernie Madoff