12 January 2009

IF not (2009)

forgive me Rudyard

updated from 2005

I've lost my head so many times
In looking back they're almost crimes
When instead of trusting I's overcome with doubts
I waited and waited and got so tired
And I lied and lied and then conspired
To make myself the target of hate-filled shouts

I dreamed until I could dream no more
And thought to settle many a score
With who circumstance says make the rules
I used up all my mispent youth
Searching for the weapons of truth
That I could use to educate the fools

But no one listened, never did
And in my turn, I underbid
And lost so much I dared not start to cry
Now I drift upon the sea
That consecrates both you and me
And rarely do I stop not wondering why

The unforgiving minutes wasted
So many thirsts gone unabated
Still one thing's absolutely ever fair
My open eyes saw more than most
'Til I became an envied ghost
Failing in the learning not to care

stephenhsmith 11Jan2009