19 January 2009

in med/mech terms

in the course of treating a patient's broken legs, a Doctor also discovers a bone cancer. if the Doctor resets the broken legs but doesn't inform the patient of the cancer, is he not violating his prime oath ?

in 29 more hours, in Washington D.C. the USA's broken legs will be reset, but the cancer will not be mentioned...

the cancer ? the linear, almost uninterrupted accumulation of more and more government power in the hands of fewer and fewer people. the very opposite of the spirit and intentions of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution they produced. undermining continuously the 'checks and balances' of the legislative and judicial branches toward the executive branch.

the new chief executive, on a new set of legs, will speak and act as if he cares what american people (and people around the world) think and feel, in order to further the contrast with his predecessor. the policies will continue largely unchanged.

a new salesman for the same lot full of used cars. some with a new paint job, others only washed, all of them with their odometers rolled back. no new models, not even one on the production line.