20 January 2009

it used to be "are" not "is"

the common form of reference to the United States is now "is". "the United States is... "a superpower" or "the world's largest economy" etc. it used to be "are". a very big damn difference it makes, or rather, has already been made. (until it's not)

so enough with the incessant assertions of singularity, oaths of allegiance, peons to 'unity' under a providence monotheistic, and the constant refining-redefining what the meaning of "is" is (particularly coming from Bill Clinton's hometown) the ADG's "single-mindedness" is bass-ackwerds again.

per the ADG...

Why is it that once every four years an immense pride is overshadowed by an immense humility before a set of bleachers that somehow has become an altar?

Why is it hearts that should be consumed by pride are humbled by the thought of the sacrifices that made and make such a Republic possible?

Why is it we are so confident and so wary at the same time?

We think it has something to do with the vision of the past, with the never finished American dream (may it never be finished!), with a set of meager settlements on a continent's edge having become so much and still becoming so much more.

We think it has something to with becoming, out of many, one.

We think it has something to do with the knowledge that we have so much still to become, so help us God.

the harder they try to desperately unify with emotional appeals and gaudy (and expensive) ceremonies, the easier it is to see that "The United States" are not to be much longer in this world.