27 January 2009

new age minimum ? how 'bout 75 ?

“While I believe Mr. Geithner when he expressed regret for his failure to pay these taxes, he doesn’t explain why the failure happened. This embarrassing ‘mistake’ occurred despite Mr. Geithner’s receiving annual and quarterly documents from the IMF and signing annual tax allowance requests that were supposed to serve as reminders about his tax obligations. He also failed to pay these taxes despite having accountants review his tax filings, and despite using software to prepare his tax returns. Had he not been nominated for Treasury Secretary, it’s doubtful that he would have ever paid these taxes.” “This matter seriously undermines Mr. Geithner’s credibility to be the nation’s top tax enforcement officer. It suggests serious negligence on his part, and creates the impression of someone trying to game the system. Mr. Geithner showed poor judgment in waiting so long to pay these taxes, and then did so only after paying them became a political necessity. Certainly most American taxpayers do not have that luxury.” “Whatever his qualifications and talents for addressing the banking problems that are currently plaguing our economy, I cannot in good conscience vote to confirm Mr. Geithner’s nomination.”

who said this and when? for the answer

Robert Byrd, 26Jan2009

i'm beginning to wonder if perhaps the Constitution's age minimum for a US Senator should be amended from 35 to 75 years of age