04 January 2009

weltanschauung shorthand tool

in a masterful wordplay, letter play actually, Mondoweiss makes a very good argument using "Worldly/non-Worldly" distinctions as a divining tool...

to which i added...

you make a very good case for 'W/non-W' as a shorthand tool for rapid assessment of significant part of a person's character, and thus a better than average indicator of a person's likely future actions/reactions. i humbly suggest a refinement or corollary to it would be 'curious/incurious'. (which is arguably a synonym for 'W/non-W' depending on applied scale)

i suspect that one can acquire the better aspects of worldliness without actual decades of experience and travel by means of study and skeptical questioning. which of course requires one to be curious enough.

Posted by: muleboy303 | January 04, 2009 at 11:11 AM