13 February 2009

Justice Clinton

normally the words "Justice" and "Clinton" would not belong in the same sentence (pardon the pun) unless subpeonas and/or autopsies were involved, but being Friday the 13th, it seems like the proper moment to ponder ominously

the video above went viral this week, in the wake of Biden's overseas trip and speech on US Foreign policy and Holbrooke's trip to Pakistan and Afghanistan (plus learning of Kissinger's meeting the Russians last December)

yet Secretary of State Clinton has not ventured beyond US shores. but Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg did have emergency cancer surgery.

all of which combines to make me think that the foundation for nominating Hillary Clinton to the US Supreme Court this summer is being laid. after all, the Senate voted 94-2 to confirm her for SoS, thus dubbing the conflict of interest questions of Bill's 'charity' foundation's contributions "irrelevant" (in the minds of the Beltway cognescenti)

a lifetime job (good for probably at least 20 years at her age, maybe 30),including never having to run for office again
accountable to no one, de facto Chief Justice in a few more years, after 3 or 4 Obama appointments. a liberal version of Scalia (including numerous public speaking engagements with massive hurrahs, and writing most majority opinions), only having to bully/persuade 4 other human beings into doing it her way. plus a 'blind trust' enhances Bill's foundation's prospects and secrecy, and clears a path for Chelsea's electoral future. (at Caroline Kennedy's expense)

i would think it Hillary's dream job.