22 February 2009

remember the Alamo

'twas just half a lifetime ago
one day at the Alamo
i took this photograph
we were pondering the past
and how it moves so fast
yet it still makes me laugh

for life is ever bittersweet
all the pictures incomplete
for so much is still yet unseen
but in making time to think
what you miss if you dare blink
blink twice, and now you are 16

a time for opening of doors
plain to see the future's yours
to make of it what you will make it be
allow me, 'fore more years are through
to say i love, and i thank you
for everything that you have done for me

you're my music and my song
all i wanted for so long
a symphony of giggles, laughs, and hollers
yet there are more notes to play
and one last thing that i must say
just a reminder: i still owe you $200