08 June 2009

muleboy channels his inner PJ (O'Rourke)
whilst wearing PJ's ironically

just how one wears pajamas ironically i am not certain :)

there they are, all on the Internet now. scores, hundreds, thousands, millions of them, of every kind imaginable. one could not possibly sift through all to find "the one". some things must be left to the gods of proximity and timing.

some are young, some older, some brashy and bold, others quaint or demur. some with dozens of pictures accompanying, others only a few. many are grinning at you seductively, while a few scowl as if to dare you to look further. many look forlorn, as if they've long ago seen their best days, yet you ask yourself, perhaps they just need some tender loving care? all of them right there on the Internet, page after page of them, so you don't even have to get in your car anymore and drive to different places, spending hours, to look at them. countless websites are devoted to them, searchable in every locality.

and when you see all those pictures, you can't help but imagine yourself with them, most for less than the time it takes to click or scroll past, others intrigue and beckon you to linger and read the text. sometimes you find yourself returning to that page again, or bookmarking it for later. and the many different kinds each bring out another varied aspect of your own personality, charging you to decide which part you wish to present to the public.

you wonder what it would be like to have each one of them, for them to be all yours. to be inside of them. how would they smell? how would they feel? how would they sound? how they would respond under your command? would they be forgiving of your mistakes and rewarding of your guidance, whether it be gentle or aggressive? or would they punish you harshly for any and every little error you make?

and if you make the commitment, will they change on you? will they still be as exciting a year from now as they were when you first saw them? will they last, be consistent, dependable? or will they be yet another one way trip to heartaches and headaches, emotional and financial?

pray tell what will your friends and family think when they see you with the one you've chosen? will they be envious, proud, happy for you, or worry that you've gotten in over your head again?

alas, after enough time and experience, you will find one that compels you to act, to make contact to introduce yourself and to inquire. only to learn that someone else has already grabbed them up. and you wonder if that was "the one" as you move on to search another and another. until the memory fades and is replaced by the sheer volume or another "one" that dazzles.

such are the perks and perils of surfing through thousands of pictures on the Internet in the quest for that "perfect"... car !!!

stephenhsmith 7Jun2009