29 May 2008

Are 'the Rules' THE RULES ? or Should EVERY VOTE COUNT ?

Are 'the Rules' THE RULES, or should EVERY VOTE COUNT ?
Well, if you're a CLINTON, the answer is "both" (or "depends")

Is there such a thing as TOO MANY VOTES ?
Again, the CLINTON-ian answers are "yep", "nope", "depends"

At the very moment when Clinton campaign lawyers are preparing their arguments for this weekend's Rules & Bylaws committee meeting in Washington D.C. asking for the Michigan and Florida delegations to be seated in full, as voted, other Clinton campaigners were challenging the seating of the Collin County delegates to the Texas Democratic State Convention.

Why? "They broke the LAW" (and the Clintons are nothing if not famous for their fidelity to the letter of a law)

KERA has the story (link) as does PoliTex (link) and now also KOS (link)

from PoliTex: It was a localized version of the Michigan/Florida debate in Grand Prairie today and once again, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama supporters were at odds.

Local Clinton supporters advocated Thursday for unseating ALL of the Democratic delegates from Collin County because their senate district conventions were held on the wrong day.

Officials with the Collin County Democratic Party said they chose to hold the convention a day late because there wasn't a large enough venue in the county available for the scheduled date of Saturday, March 29. Party officials warned at the time that the eligibility of their delegation may be challenged.

Clinton supporters said state law required that senate district conventions be held on Saturday, March 29.

“What is troubling me...is that it seems to me that this rule is crystal clear,” said Martha Smiley, a Clinton supporter on the state party's credentials committee.

from KERA: Hillary Clinton won 65 national Texas delegates to Barack Obama's 61 last March. But 67 more will be chosen at next weeks Democratic state convention, based on local caucuses. (per the NYTimes, Obama won 56% of the caucus delegates to Clinton's 44% in Texas)

FLASHBACK: Dallas News 11March2008 :
Texas Democrats still tallying caucus results a week after primary

One week after Texans voted in record numbers in the Democratic presidential primary, counties in North Texas and around the state are still tallying the results of the precinct conventions.

Local Democratic Party officials said they were still collecting, verifying and tabulating caucus sign-in sheets, a task complicated by the overwhelming turnout March 4.

The state party had been giving a running tally of the count but is now leaving it to the counties, which don't have to report the results until county or state Senate conventions March 29.

"We're still separating packets, processing packets, receiving packets – we're up to our eyeballs in packets," said Amy Cowan, a fundraiser for the Dallas County Democratic Party. Officials hope to finish the count within days.

In the region, only Collin County released partial tallies Tuesday. With about 90 percent of Collin's caucus sheets counted, Mr. Obama held a substantial lead, said David Smith, a party spokesman.

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