01 June 2008

iiiiiiit's JUNE

"and we all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in JUNE".
and though Barack Obama has resigned from his church there is no truth to the internet rumours ("as far as i know") that he is considering becoming a muslim.
(at least until after the election)
as Madame-de-Clinton recently opined "it's still early yet", and who knows "anything could happen" including her becoming an "Independent-Democrat" ala Joe Lieberman, somewhere around Independence Day (July 4th for you history majors) or better yet Labor Day (not being 'sexist', 'tis on top of the GOP Convention, and whointhehell would cover the McCain coronation while Hillary's gearing up to make it a 3-way? ... sorry for the visual)
the synchronicity of the irony would be icing on the cake, having campaigned for the nomination as a modern version of George Wallace, perhaps she'll go whole hog and make the analogy complete.
(how else is she going to get her $12Million back?)

time will tell.