25 May 2008


(hypothetically, of course)

yep, you read it right. after Barack Obama's limp-wristed flailing at a heckler in Florida, yelling (in a high-pitched voice) "you ignorant redneck-cracker-mofo... LEAVE ME ALONE", perfectly reminiscent of Michael Jackson's famous song and all captured on YouTube, the delegate-switching Juneteenth tsunami ensued, handing the Democratic nomination to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

it was just that crazy of a campaign year.

crowned by a 49-state victory in the November election, after John McCain called her the "C" word in the final debate. she matched Reagan's 1984 electoral victory, ironically with the exception of her loss in West Virginia, where apparently they appreciated such talk.

incredible as it was, Hillary IS 44. SHE WON! SHE'S A WINNER!

and everybody else, except hedge-fund managers and those who got a job in her administration, loses. and then WHIPLASH... the american people (and the rest of the world) get to endure another manipulative, secretive, bullying, reality-denying, error-denying, arrogant, polarizing President of the United States.

just one with a different party label and sexual organs.

according the the laws of mathematical probability (oops... bad analogy this year) isn't it time for the US to have a President/Government better than it deserves?