26 May 2008

Will Hillary CRY ?

Hopefully (pardon the pun) we will know in another week.

And no, I don't mean tears
(their political utility has been used up and long since passed)

I mean, will Hillary cry "DISENFRANCHISEMENT"?

... after the Rules/Bylaws committee of the DNC decides on 31 May just what to do about the Michigan and Florida delegations to the convention in Denver. (assuming of course they actually make a decision, which is always tricky with politicians when the time comes to make a momentous choice, they often "punt" and hope like hell that time/events make their decision for them)

Will Hillary cry "ZIMBABWE" ?

... if the RBC sensibly decides that some form of punishment should be administered to states that "broke the rules" and decides that the MI & FL delegations should be penalized 1/2 their seats with either a 60/40 split for Hillary/Obama or 50/50 split ?

Should Hillary cry "SEXISM" ?

... if the RBC rules the Michigan & Florida results are to stand as voted and seated fully, with NO delegates for Obama from MI, and only 1/3 of Florida's, but the overwhelming majority of the 200 or so Superdelegates endorse Obama, handing him, under the revised math, the nomination anyway?

In short, is there any combination of vote totals, delegate determinations, polling, and political calculations that does NOT result in Hillary's becoming the Democratic Party's nominee, that will convince her that she has not been "victimized"?

I don't think so either.

I've long thought that 2008 would a redux of 1968 (hopefully sans the "A" word) with Hillary carefully replicating the role of Richard Nixon (her true role model)
and I've taken great offense at those who've compared her this year to George Wallace.

But now, I'm beginning to wonder?