10 June 2008

Et Two- Boren & Mahoney... the Battle of #2

per TPM... Another Red State Dem Refuses To Endorse Obama

Rep. Dan Boren, the sole Democrat in Oklahoma's Congressional delegation, says that he won't be publicly endorsing Obama -- though for what it's worth, he says he'll still vote Democratic this Fall.
Boren's stated reasons for not helping Obama include: Obama is "the most liberal Senator," and that "his record does not reflect working in a bipartisan fashion." And to just to top it off, "Our nominee is not my first choice."
Boren joins Florida Rep. Tim Mahoney in not endorsing Obama -- which the NRCC
has answered by calling Mahoney a political coward. There's no reason to think that Boren would be spared similar treatment.

two "refuseniks" in two days... hmmm??? one in Florida, the other in Oklahoma. watch for the trend to continue, especially from Arkansas, as Hillary works to surreptitiously sow doubt and division in tandem with "NOT ME for VP" announcements by prominent Democrats to serve the same purpose.