10 June 2008

4 Predicates ?'s... the Battle of #2

1. Does Hillary want on the ticket as VP ?
oh hell YES! "a heart-beat away" is far better to her than being Junior Senator from New York. A seat on the US Supreme Court would take too long (though always a fallback position)and would be no "sure thing" when the votes were counted. And "We All Remember...1963"

2. Does Barack want Hillary on the ticket as VP ?
i can't see how the answer could be anything but NO! unless it was an absolute political necessity

3. Does Barack NEED Hillary on the ticket as VP ?
this question will be determined during the next 10 weeks by media coverage of national polls and the mostly behind-the-scenes battle between two competing pressure groups (purely pro-HRC/VP and purely anti-HRC/VP) within the Democratic Party, but most especially the Delegates (many of whom who owe the Clintons a great deal with respect to their own political careers and had to "cross" them during the primary season to support Obama, and would be most reluctant to go against them a second time)

4. Can Barack keep Hillary off the ticket as VP ?
it will require a political deftness and intelligence never before seen in modern American politics to keep Hillary from being on the ticket as VP. but judging from past results, he may just be able to do it. i'd rate it 50/50 at best right now, but if he can stall her until early/mid July and the money/polling is still good, her chances drop to 1 in 4.