11 June 2008

Good News ? ... the Battle of #2

per the BBC... Obama running mate adviser quits
Jim Johnson left the campaign after reports emerged of below-market rate home loans he is said to have received. Mr Obama said in a statement that Mr Johnson had left to avoid distracting attention from the selection process.
The row over Mr McCain's comments came as pressure was building on Mr Johnson over mortgage loans he took out in the 1990s. He received private loans at below-market rates from major US lender Countrywide soon after he left his position as head of the state-backed lender Fannie Mae, the Wall Street Journal reported. Mr Obama has been critical of Countrywide and other lenders for their role in the sub-prime loans crisis.
Mr McCain was quick to join in the row over Mr Johnson's loan, arguing that Mr Obama was in no position to criticise mortgage lenders for the sub-prime loans crisis when his adviser was receiving favourable rates from a big lender. "I think it suggests a bit of a contradiction," he said.

and how is this "good news"? well, if an unpaid advisor charged with overseeing the VP search received questionable "sweetheart" loans nearly ten years ago from a mortgage corporation that has recently been revealed as incompetent if not corrupt, is relieved after only a week, then imagine what "a bit of a contradiction" it would "suggest" if Hillary were named to the ticket?
as a very astute blogger, Patrice at Democratic Underground said last week

"Everyone who looks at Obama and tries to decide whether to believe him or not WILL be extremely confused by Hillary's presence on the ticket."