10 June 2008

He Said She Said... the Battle of #2

... as in He (Virgil J. Mayberry) said She (Hillary Clinton)
asked Democratic primary delegates who would have supported her in her presidential bid to back her former rival Barack Obama. per QCOnline (Moline IL)

The request came in a Monday night teleconference, said Virgil J. Mayberry, a Rock Island County Board member and one of Sen. Clinton's delegates. "She wants us to unite behind Obama and help him," said Mr. Mayberry, who chairs his party's minority caucus on the county board. Mr. Mayberry said Sen. Clinton talked for about five minutes to Democratic national convention delegates from all over the country. She appeared upbeat, he said. But Sen. Clinton would not discuss her intentions toward the vice president's position on Sen. Obama's ticket, he said.

so what does "support" mean ? ... is it the same as "release" ? time will tell.