10 June 2008

Retreaux-spective March 2008... the Battle of #2

per ABC News... Obama Hits Clintons on Democratic 'Dream Ticket' 10Mar08

In particular the (VP) suggestions keep coming from the Clintons — and it's a notion Obama does not take as a compliment. Stumping Monday in Mississippi, Obama countered the Clintons with strong language and no uncertain terms. "With all due respect: I have won twice as many states as Senator Clinton; I have won more of the popular vote than Senator Clinton; I have more delegates than Senator Clinton," Obama said. "So I don't know how someone in 2nd place is offering the vice presidency to the person in first place."
Obama also hit the Clintons for calling in to question his experience for the job of commander-in-chief while suggesting him for the #2 spot. "I don't understand," Obama said. "If I'm not ready how come you think I'd be such a great VP?"

In recent days, Sen. Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton have both floated the idea of a joint ticket as a way to settle the nomination, suggesting that's where the race is headed.
On a conference call with reporters Monday, Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson argued Obama hasn't passed the "commander-in-chief test" but suggested he may pass before the Democratic party's convention in Denver this August in time to be considered as a vice-presidential nominee. "We do not believe that, as of this point, Senator Obama has passed that key commander-in-chief test," Wolfson said. "Senator Clinton will not choose any candidate who has not, at the time of choosing, passed the national security threshold - period. Last Friday in Mississippi, stumping for the Magnolia State's Tuesday primary, Sen. Clinton told voters, "You've got to make a choice. A lot of people wish they didn't have to. A lot of people say 'I wish I could vote for both of you.' Well that might be possible some day. But first I need your help on Tuesday." This weekend on the trail, Bill Clinton went further, calling a Clinton-Obama ticket an "almost unstoppable force." .

much has changed since 10March has it not? i believe the Clintons chose back in March, the "stick" (enough "support"- polls/votes/delegates) route to bully their way onto the ticket, instead of the "carrot" method, which they are now utilizing/emphasizing due to the circumstances. actually an argument could be made that the Clintons are now doing both in combination. time will tell.