16 June 2008

Lanny Davis Fox in the FOX News house? ... the Battle of #2

11 days ago... per Fox News...
Clinton supporter Lanny Davis also was circulating an online petition pushing for the joint ticket, saying such a match-up would be “unbeatable.” In an interview with FOX News he denied that Clinton was bullying her way into the No. 2. slot.

today... per Media Bistro... Lanny Davis To Join FNC
The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz breaks the news that Clinton supporter Lanny Davis will join Fox News as a contributor. "Fox has always treated me with respect and given me a chance to express my point of view," Davis said to Kurtz. Davis had been a frequent guest on all three cablers during the primary season. But it was just last month Davis called a night as commentator on CNN as the, "worst experience I ever had on television."

the HRC4VP campaign continues (perhaps a battle of attrition?) or has the Clinton campaign to elect McCain already begun? time will tell.