13 June 2008

Matt Taibbi poses THE ? ... the Battle of #2

per Matt Taibbi... Hillary's Run: The Meaning Is In Her Hands
Hillary therefore must choose between two loyalties: party and self. Depending on how one looks at things, one might even say the choice is between country and self. Assuming that one believes the differences between a Republican presidency and a Democratic presidency would be profound, Hillary now must decide if she thinks that the country would be better off suffering through four years of John McCain before getting a shot at putting her own excellent, experienced self in the Oval Office, or whether it would be better off putting a man whose platform is almost identical to her own in there right away.
Anyone who thinks that should be an easy choice — that the “right” thing to do is obviously to put party over self, and not only help Obama get elected but help strip the Republicans of power — is kidding himself or herself.

The beauty of this kind of analysis is that now all we have to do to finally understand what we saw this spring is wait, watch, and see what Hillary Clinton does from now on. Hillary’s struggle fell a hair short, but now she finds herself in a kind of political purgatory, the leader of a massive, angry voter demographic that will likely follow along to wherever she chooses to take this country.
And it really is up to her. If she lets Barack Obama twist in the wind, and sits the fall out, she elects John McCain — and we’ll know that she doesn’t really give a shit about ending the war, or staving off a financial crisis, or keeping the Supreme Court safe for reproductive rights, or anything else beyond getting her and her husband’s furniture back into the White House sometime in the next eight years.
But if she turns this thing around, and plays loyal soldier for the party, and helps reassure her voters that it’s okay to for her erstwhile un-American, inexperienced villain of a young black opponent, we’ll know that Hillary Clinton’s amazingly tenacious campaign wasn’t the selfish, indulgent, pointlessly divisive and destructive exercise it seems like right now to skeptics like me, but a powerful, inspirational, and historically meaningful message sent to the world about the ability of women to compete and succeed in what used to be a man’s game. That it can only have been one or the other is without a doubt, at this point. It’s up to her now to tell us what the hell it is we just watched over the last five months.