26 August 2008

It's all up to you

Matt Taibbi can weave fact, opinion, and irony with such humour that i dare not even try to replicate his method of getting you to think. Arthur Silber uses the 2x4 of being so blunt as to shock you into thinking. which works best on those who already have an intense desire to learn. i have always felt more comfortable being a u-boat than a carrier or dreadnought, thus i try to be cryptic and socratic, in the hope that i can strike such a proper balance between facts, opinions, and questions, to get the readers to ask their own questions, in the belief that the most powerful and lasting method of learning to think is the process of self-discovery. quite simply, people tend to remember things better when, to some degree, they think of them themselves.

true context is ungodly elaborate and time consuming. indeed almost any discussion of current events can literally be contexted all the way back to the Roman Empire, Spanish Armada, U.S. Civil War, World War I, or II etc. depending on how much time you have. thus, you will read mostly one or two sentence quotes from me hereafter, often in the form of a question. or perhaps a few paragraphs of current events with a short question. there is unfortunately, far too much that needs saying and far too little time in which to say it. the rest will have to be up to you.

stephenhsmith 26aug2008