06 September 2008

all i am so far is words, 'n worn out tunes

i guess i have a proper place, somewhere in all this time and space, but damned if i know where, and when, and how. i hope i'm bound for some great thing, a timeless phrase, perhaps to sing, but scribbling will have to do for now. i'm lost amidst the shifting sands, the twilight looms a thousand strands, i feel my legs are buried in the dunes. i thirst for time to slow it's move, so i may yet come to improve, 'cause all i am, so far, is words and worn out tunes.

i'm waitin' on a thunderbolt from some prophetic line i wrote to light the sky perhaps to start a fire for now i have to plod along lookin' for that perfect song to pull me out of all this muck and mire i hope in time i'll learn my way to say the things i have to say on crowded nights and lonely afternoons til then i struggle on my own and hope when all my seeds are grown that i'll be so much more than words and worn out tunes.

stephenhsmith 13Dec2003