07 September 2008

when "winning" enters the equation

"when 'winning' enters the equation, morality, competence, ideological fidelity to principles, and all other factors are reduced in value. often to insignificance. especially when 'winning easily' is touted.

in the modern U.S.A. this mathematical/philosophical rule now applies to wars, elections, business,  awards, and sports, almost equally.

see: madonna, trump, iraq, william jefferson, torture, habeus corpus, enron, dallas cowboys, election 2000 recount, etc. etc. etc.

as Peggy Drexler so aptly put it last year: "Let's be honest, if this war had been as tidy and bloodless as advertised, would anyone still be concerned about the fact that we attacked a failing country that was no threat to us on the pretext of WMD that our leaders knew full well didn't exist?"