09 September 2008

"I'm Not George W. Bush"

"I'm not George W. Bush", should really be all that need be said by any candidate for POTUS in 2008. Barack Obama can say it with credibility. John McCain could and did say it credibly in the spring of 2000. but the voters in the GOP primaries that year were more concerned with "restoration" and repudiation of all things Clinton than they were about nominating the Republican most capable of serving the entire nation's best interests.

But it's now 2008, and the John McCain of 2000 is no more, after his votes and assertions of the past few years, and especially after his VP selection.

American voters are often accused of being simpletons who require arguments to be served to them in pre-digested soundbites and bumpersticker slogans. If so, "I'm Not George W. Bush" should be simple enough.

Obama can say it. McCain no longer can.