09 September 2008

We're All Evel Knievel Now

remember how evel knievel would buzz back and forth in front of the crowd popping wheelies and revving up the crowd ? then he would go to his starting point, commence a test run, in which he would stop at the end of the jump ramp, lookout over the space to be conquered, and rev the bike for what seemed like an agonizingly long time ? (you could feel the tension as you watched, trying to wonder just what he was thinking/feeling at that moment)

then evel would return to the starting point for another hesitating pause before launching himself and his bike toward the ramp? remember all that ?

today, in the financial markets, with their political implications for the future, is evel knievel's return to the starting point after the stop at the end of the jump ramp to peer into the distance.

the FNA/FRE bailout now means the jump has to be made, there's no turning back. too far and bike crumples, body goes to the hospital for a long time. not far enough and .... nothing any of us have ever known will ever be the same again.

the next six months could well be the most interesting times of all our lives.